Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Power of Choice, the Patchwork of Time

It is false to see time as a straight and confined delineation of events through which you pass at varying velocities during your consciousness. The thread of time in which you inhabit is of your making, but not without the influence of others and the world in which you inhabit.    

See yourself at this very instant of time- The way you appear to yourself and others, the status you embody in society, the experiences that have shaped you, both of despair and exaltation, and ultimately, the path you navigate. 

To minimize your part in these events is a misstep. Sure, many things have been out of your control. You can influence how people see you and even their selves, but you will never change the core of that individual. You will inevitably merge, twist, ignite and empower just as you will negate, diminish and misdirect others. Things lay within your control, but largely out of your control. My point is this- a single chance taken in life can have profound outcomes not just for you, but also the people you connect with and the people they connect with and so on and so forth.

Think about an absolute, concrete decision that you have made which has completely altered and directed your life. This decision can be as traditional as, “I choose this college over this one”, to as personal as, “I choose this person”.

Meaning is fleeting in this world. It sits in front of you one moment, glowing and vibrating with the very fabric of the universe only to evaporate in the cruelest fashion leaving an emptied plane yearning once again for radiant meaning.  This bizarre, but unique process of human experience effaces itself to the consciousness. The fabric of time continues to undulate as your mark barely registers with the entirety of the patchwork, yet those closest to you and yourself are forever changed. In this way, it is a paradox. Your personal experience is both profound and meaningless.

Crystallize this concept and see this- Most of the decisions that you make will have little or no ripple on time. There are, however, key choices which place you on a path and define your stamp on time. A single decision can forever shape yourself and the world. Choice then takes on the weightiest theme in our lives.

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